Site inspections are important to a smooth build, both to check the quality of the work and to ensure the builders are meeting their contractual obligations. We can certify when stages are completed and payments can be made to the builder in planning cash flow against overall cost expenditure.


Our project management includes liaising with the builder’s team during the site stage in relation to their contractual duties, as well providing any clarifications required as the build progresses.

Build stage

When it comes to renovating old or historic buildings, we have the knowledge and the experience to support you. We make continual reference to a wealth of traditional information and comprehensive surveys of old buildings. We come up with a design for the extension or renovation and can make all of the arrangements for specialist surveys such as damp reports.

Existing buildings and defects

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Problem solving right to the end

At the completion of the build stage of your project it is necessary to identify possible defects and sort out problems that might arise when you move in. Problems can include settling, cracks, blistering paint and ill-fitting doors.

Building project managers in North West England and South West Scotland

Our role as project managers includes inspecting the progress of your build to ensure it meets time scales. We work with you to resolve problems and provide any troubleshooting required by the contractor side or client side. We provide an impartial verification of the quality of the work. Let our experienced project managers help you manage your build effectively.

A building site of a house partially constructed