The initial stage of designing your own property is preparing designs and liaising with your architect about your requirement. We outline a brief for the project and prepare a preliminary design and concept.


Next we discuss how that is realised. We put forward the planning applications then we convert the building design drawing into working drawings and specifications.

From concept to planning application

The essence of effective cost planning is establishing the budget for the project, monitoring the estimated cost and developing the design to meet the budget.

Cost planning

For comprehensive guidance on planning and building regulations call Johnston and Wright Architects on

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Appointing a builder in Cumbria, North West England and South West Scotland

We prepare and issue tender documents to a number of builders for pricing on a competitive basis then analyse the tender prices and advise on adjusting, if necessary, for you to agree an acceptable sum, which forms the basis of appointing the builder.

The planning and building regulations application procedures

We have the experience and the contacts that help minimise the time spent on planning applications.


We take the designs to the local authority for consultation prior to applying for the necessary consents under Planning and Building Regulation legislation. We can deal with all of the formal applications for you.


Let us save you the task of liaising with town planning departments and associated agencies such as highways, conservation, planning authorities and utility agencies.

A digital sketch of a house with glass windows